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Storyboard VR A Tool to Prototype VR Ideas

We believe that VR as a medium will transform the way we communicate, create and experience content. As we dove into VR projects, however, we found that experimenting with this new form of storytelling and engagement posed a brand new set of challenges. Rapid iteration and refinement, a corner stone of any human centered design process, was even more essential in VR. Yet we found no tools to help us envision and plan VR experiences without first investing time and resources into development.

That is why we created Storyboard VR, a prototyping and visualization tool that helps content creators, artists and designers use their existing skills to imagine and visualize VR experiences, in VR.

"[T]the most compelling possibility of Storyboard VR isn't Storyboard VR itself, but that many content creators like Artefact may be actively building such tools for their own use. And whether or not these studios even release that software, it means the experiences we all have in VR, as consumers, will be getting better, fast."

Mark Wilson, FastCo Design, Dec. 7, 2016

"That’s where Storyboard VR is useful. The tool is essentially a virtual reality sketchbook. Designers can test initial concepts before investing in higher-level development."

Liz Stinson, WIRED, Dec. 7, 2016


Who is Storyboard VR for

Storyboard VR is the ideal tool for designers, artists and content creators, across industries, who want to experiment and create VR experiences – from games and education programs, to movies and marketing campaigns – without investing in development software or skills.

How Storyboard VR works

Designed for ease of use, Storyboard VR includes pre-loaded 3D sphere maps and planes and allows you to upload transparent images, like .png files. These assets appear in the Storyboard VR menu, which gives you complete control and lets you “storyboard” story progression and changes.

Why Storyboard VR

VR is exploding, but there are very few tools that let designers and content creators experiment, visualize and prototype experiences in VR. Storyboard VR was created to bridge the gap between designing and developing a VR experience, saving time and resources early in the creation process.