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eSight 3 Enhancing Sight, Improving Lives

Experiencing low vision impacts every aspect of a person’s life. Simple things that sighted individuals may take for granted like navigating an unknown street or recognizing a loved one’s face can be immensely challenging for those experiencing low vision. Of the 285 million people worldwide considered blind, 86% are legally blind with low vision caused by macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other eye conditions. Rather than experiencing “complete blindness,” the vast majority of people experiencing low vision exist on a spectrum of sight that varies based on individual condition.

In 2013, eSight launched the first pair of electronic glasses that allow the legally blind to actually see – the first and only patented assistive device of its kind anywhere in the world. Wearable, hands-free and non-surgical, eSight’s electronic glasses can help those with low vision improve their sight and regain independence. While in many AR areas companies are creating headsets for entertainment and the next killer app, eSight delivers a life changing solution to its audience.

“I saw a face for the first time in ten and a half years. I literally broke down crying...It’s like a gift for the rest of my life.”

Shera, eSight user

“Working with Artefact was an exceptional experience. They are truly able to design at the intersection of technology and art. We are so proud of what they helped us create.”

Jeff Fenton, Director of Marketing, eSight

“eSight 3 is smaller, lighter and more comfortable than eSight 2. I find myself wearing it throughout the day, so I’m much more productive.”

David, eSight user

“Everyone is impressed with my new eSight 3. Strangers stop and ask me what it is because it looks so futuristic. When I tell them what it does, they’re even more impressed!”

Tyler, eSight user


Augmenting vision without compromising comfort

The ability to see and navigate your environment should not come at the expense of comfort. One of our key goals for the design of eSight 3 was making the device wearable for extended periods of time. The elastomeric forehead band combined with a light strap helps redistribute the weight of the device and ensures that people can comfortably have the power of sight for hours on end.

Designed to support the flexibility of a normal day

eSight users shared with us that they often take their devices off and on again throughout the day depending on what they are doing. A mechanical-magnetic mechanism makes putting the headset on or taking off as easy as taking off your sunglasses. A clever magnetic catch enables users to quickly attach or detach the headset from the prescription frames. The magnetic clips also keep the headset securely attached to a strap.

Technology-powered, human centered

With simple shapes and precise contours, eSight 3’s design is clean and understandable both by look and by touch. A high contrast color scheme or white on grey or black on grey guides the eye and make it easy for users to visually locate the headset. Deliberate changes in texture guide the fingers to help users understand the product and how to interact with it on a day-to-day basis.


Immersion and POV development

A key part of our immersion was spending time with eSight’s client ambassadors and users. This immersion helped us understand both the practical and the emotional needs of the legally blind. It helped build empathy, identify opportunity areas, and establish product success criteria.


We collaborated closely with eSight’s engineering staff to explore various component architectures and key mechanisms. We built iterative mock-ups of the overall product as well as different aspects of functionality, including prescription frames, straps, and visor.

Concept refinement

We refined every aspect of the design for the headset, controller, prescription and non-prescription frames, as well as the interactions between parts.


We worked in close collaboration with eSight’s engineering team to ensure all technical details are accounted for and ensure a smooth transition into manufacturing.