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Storyboard VR Is Here: Download and Get Prototyping

Last December we unveiled Storyboard VR, a prototyping and visualization tool designed to help content creators, artists and designers use their existing skills to imagine and visualize VR experiences, in VR.

We created Storyboard VR because we needed to quickly and easily prototype VR experiences and we could not find a tool that allowed us to do that without using precious development time. Since then, it has become an indispensable tool in our palette. We have heard from hundreds of designers and VR developers, filmmakers and media companies, retailers and automakers, universities and investors, who asked the same questions: “How can I get Storyboard VR? When will you launch it?”

Because we have always believed in sharing our knowledge and best practices, today we are making Storyboard VR available for free as an alpha release. By doing so, we hope to:

  • Promote experimentation across industries and organizations
  • Inspire and accelerate the development of new experiences in this emerging medium
  • Encourage designers and content creators to build on each other’s work

Because when we do, good things happen. Faster. For all of us.

The Fine Print

Storyboard VR is free and open to use as you wish, but the flip side is that it is an unsupported alpha application. As with any alpha release, bugs and issues are to be expected.

If you experience any issues, feel free to let us know. However, although we use Storyboard VR in our daily work at Artefact, we have no immediate plans to continue to update and develop the software. As the saying goes, don’t look gift software in the code.

So, dive in! Give your ideas shape and form with Storyboard VR. It will help you work faster and collaborate more easily. Tag your creations on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #SBVR to share what you make.

Happy prototyping!


To get started using Storyboard VR, check out the Storyboard VR User Manual for information on downloading, installing, and creating projects with Storyboard VR. Or simply fill out the Download form below.

If you need additional guidance or want to see Storyboard VR in action, watch our video series that shows how to create and manage Storyboard VR projects.


If you need to get in touch, email storyboardVR [@] artefactgroup [dot] com.

Download Storyboard VR 

Fill out the information below to receive an email with the link to download Storyboard VR.

FYI: Storyboard VR is only supported on HTC Vive and requires Windows to run (PC only.) For full requirements, check the Storyboard VR User Manual.