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We help forward-thinking businesses and organizations solve complex challenges through strategic practices in design, research, and development.


Insights and Strategy

We use human-centered research to generate new insights and a deep understanding of users, behaviors, trends, and markets. We use business and brand strategy to frame critical decisions, model scenarios and outcomes, drive alignment, and ensure the efficacy of our recommendations.


We use a combination of deep design thinking and expert craftsmanship across multiple, integrated design disciplines to create and deliver exceptional products, services, and experiences that create lasting business value and shape positive outcomes for users and society.


We use technology to inspire and realize ideas from the very beginning. Our software development expertise and culture of prototyping ensure a seamless transition from concept to prototype to product across multiple platforms.

Clients come to us with a variety of challenges

Envisioning the future

We help clients understand and shape the future by looking at problems holistically—through the complementary frames of culture and human behavior, business and technology. The resulting insights generate empathy and understanding, clarify opportunities, aid decision-making, and build stakeholder alignment and organizational confidence.

View Hyundai case study

“With its human-centered design expertise and deep understanding of interaction best practices, Artefact created a framework that can help us reach the promise of the autonomous mobility, while respecting the need for control and agency we all share.”

Mark Dipko, Director of Corporate Planning and Strategy, Hyundai Motor America

Designing the next great thing

We help clients create relevant, differentiated product and service experiences across complex domains that span hardware, software, and services. We work across multiple verticals, applying design thinking to healthcare, fintech, consumer electronics, entertainment, and technology.

View SCHARP DataSpace case study

“[Artefact] built exactly what investigators don’t realize they need, but they do.”

HIV Researcher

Getting to market

We use rapid prototyping to evaluate concepts early, followed by expert development to connect the dots between the product vision and the market. The result is greater confidence, lower risk and smooth handoffs between our team and yours.

View Tableau Vizable case study

“It was and is a pleasure working with the team at Artefact. This has been a true collaboration from start to finish that resulted in a great product experience.”

Chris Stolte, Chief Development Officer and Co-founder, Tableau Software

Transforming your organization

We help our clients drive organizational change through the adoption of design thinking tools, and invest in developing innovative methodologies and training to ensure the impact of our engagements extends beyond the product itself.

Take the Design Maturity Survey

“Since September 2015, people from more than 1,000 organizations across 36 industries have taken the Design Maturity Survey, demonstrating the unfulfilled demand for reliable methodologies and tools that measure and improve design's effectiveness."

Rob Girling, co-founder of Artefact

We work on projects, but build relationships

We seek partnerships with companies who believe, as we do, in the power of human-centered design to lead to preferable outcomes. Our clients come to us for our talent, our vision and our values. They return because they are confident in the outcome of our collaboration and get inspired by our passion.

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