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We are a design and innovation consultancy with a purpose: to create a world we all want to live in.
Today and tomorrow.

Our mission

To empower progressive organizations to create a more equitable and sustainable world through the power of outcome-focused thinking and human-centered design.

Our culture

We are passionate about our values and believe that our culture is a huge reason for our success. Learn more about what matters to Artefact as an organization and the conscious efforts we make to be the best company we can be.

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Our home

Welcome to our studio in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square. Drawing from the inspiration around us, our studio is as creative and dynamic as we are.

A space to work, create and play

With Puget Sound and the mountains to the West, Smith Tower to the East, and a rooftop deck with a spectacular view of Seattle, we draw energy from some of the most unique things the city has to offer.

Making history in historic Pioneer Square

Technology to Seattle today is what lumber was to the city a hundred years ago – its lifeblood. So it is fitting that our studio is in a historic lumber mill. We added our unique modern touch to create an atmosphere of light and warmth, even on the gloomiest of Seattle days.

Designed for collaboration

Collaboration is essential to our work. From our blank slate project rooms with floor-to-ceiling whiteboards to the mid-studio staircase that connects our two floors, working together has never been easier.

As versatile as we are

We like to hang out. A lot. Our café is the perfect spot to sit and work on sunny afternoons when your desk just isn’t doing it. It is also large enough to be a gathering place for workshops, industry meetups, and the occasional party.

The team that plays together

There’s always time for a quick game of shuffleboard or the occasional Nerf war. But our most cherished break is gathering around the keg every Thursday afternoon for a much-needed happy hour.

Awards and recognition

Our people

Diversity is key to creativity. Our people come from five continents and bring with them not only unique accents but unique backgrounds and perspectives that make our work richer and more relevant. And while we may trek from different corners of the world, we share a passion for design and a belief that we can and should improve people’s lives through our work.

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